Why we use reflective clothing?


Why we use reflective clothing?

Reflective clothing or you can say that high visibility clothing is the way to protect themselves riding on the road is any worn it has highly reflective properties or a color that is easily discernible from any background. Reflective clothing can significantly reduce accidents it is the overall safety of the worker in the working place its type of personal protective equipment (PPE https://reflectivesafetyjackets.in
The main purpose of reflecting clothing gives the user a signal of higher risk accident in any way wherein a busy place. Reflective clothing, like neon apparel, is supposed to attract the attention of the driver so they take note of the worker activities. its widely uses for the worker, construction worker, they are tradesperson, labor or professional employed in the physical construction area safety jacket or safety vest always protect them against to accident. the traffic security man, they are always busy in public places in directional signals for user airport security, railway construction worker, use in fog, heavy rain, cyclists. Reflective clothing is the identification of worker utility.
STAR SAFETY HUB (IN LIGHT) is the pioneer in manufacturing of high visibility safety clothing in India.

INLIGHT is India’s leading manufacturing brand of reflective safety jackets. We proudly present ourselves as the first applicant to be granted ISI certification as per IS:15809:2017 standard across the country. Our brand also conforms to EN:ISO20471:2013 quality standard. We have been serving since 1988 and have created a tremendous reputation in the market. We are authorized dealer of 3M Scotchlite tape in India.

The forte of the company is the customization and designing of jackets as per the client’s needs. Our salient point is that we have all types of materials, tapes, logos, zip, collar and everything related to the fabrication of jackets. To maintain the secrecy of the client’s details, all the logos are printed in-house. We are well equipped with all the various techniques used for logo printing such as Screen printing, Heat transfer printing, and digital printing.

We are dealing with private as well as government organizations through GEM. The quality of our raw material and craftsmanship are unmatched in this industry.

“IN LIGHT” our brand has been an established and popular name in the world of reflective workwear. Our track record in terms of service and quality has been excellent throughout.
We have well-qualified staff, which enable us to deliver even the quality of products, thus ensuring the same quality every time to our clients. The main motto of our company is customer satisfaction,
which we attain through customized products as per the client’s requirement at very competent prices. We are currently associated with our selective dealer network and end-users on pan India basis.
We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.