3M Reflective Material 2925

3M Reflective Material 2925


3M™ Reflective Fabric 2900 Series is specifically intended for the high visibility safety vest/waistcoat market. 3M does not warranty the performance of this product in any other applications such as T-shirts, consumer garments, etc. Refer to the 3M warranty for more details. 3M reflective fabric 2900 series is composed of wide angle, exposed retroreflective lenses bonded to a soft woven 100% polyester fabric backing. The 3M™ Reflective Fabric 2925 has “3M” imaged on its reflective surface for easy product identification. 3M™ Reflective Fabric 2910 has no image on its reflective surface.

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Model:3M 2925 Silver Fabric Trim
Width:50.8 mm (2.0 inch)
Length:200 meter (218.7 yd.) / Roll
Daytime Colour:Grey
Reflected Colour:White
Domestic Wash:40°C (105°F) x 25 cycles
Dry Cleaning:NA
Iron:Cool Iron, 110°C (230°F)
Initial Average Retroreflection:500 cd/lux/m²
Minimum Retroreflection: 330 cd/lux/m²
Fabric Backing:Soft Woven 100% Polyester (Reflective Surface is imaged with “3M” Logo for Easy Identification.)
Certifications:EN 20471:2013 Certified (Test Certificate Available)


Home Wash Guidelines

Home laundering means using a top or front loading consumer type home washing machine with a consumer detergent at moderate water temperatures (up to 60 °C, 140 °F). Garment finishing such as tumble drying at high temperatures can limit garment life and should be considered as part of the cleaning process.

3M™ Reflective Fabric 2900 Series may be home washed. High alkaline treatments such as stain removal products should not be used. Garment care label guidelines need to consider the garment fabric as well as the recommendations for garment components such as retroreflective trim. Care label recommendations for 3M reflective fabric 2900 series:


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