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K, we all agree that biking might be the maximum green manner of getting from a to b in those vehicles congested, over-polluted days of traffic mayhem.

That is high-quality, and always commendable, in the summertime whilst it’s miles mild both early and late that is whilst maximum cyclists are making their manner to, and from work.But in the winter it’s an extraordinary tale. it’s miles darkish obtainable and whatever cyclists can do to make themselves extra visible is well worth doing. lights at the front and back of the motorcycle are Proper. lights at the helmet are excellent, however surely what you want to do is mild your self up like a Christmas tree. that manner you can’t be overlooked!

One among the goods that we’ve had huge achievement with is our led hi-vis safety vest which is simply so vital when it comes to keeping a bicycle owner safe. no longer, only cyclists, we’ve had orders from a number of neighborhood authorities for the led safety vest in order to keep their workers safe when running on roads and motorways at night. Visibility from distance is obviously a key features for both cylclists and outdoor workers. Our LED Hi-Vis safety vest is visible from up to 800 meters on a clear night.

LED Reflective Jacket is 3 side open / multi opening which is made of 100% polyester mesh type fabric only with high quality reflective tape with 16 LED’s makes is very brightful for people working at night. We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of LED’s Reflective Safety Jackets and our product made by good quality. It is use as Executive Class. It is suitable for work area with high risk factor, like: Engineers, High rank officers, Airport Staffs, Ports etc, Warehouses etc. Our LED reflective jacket is fully waterproof and work with 2 Pencil Cell Type (Leak Proof) Battery who gives 160 hours non stop backup.

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