Benefits of Jackets


Benefits of Jackets

1. High-visibility safety apparel can be defined as any garment that improves other’s ability to see them in any situation.

2. From cars on the highway to equipment operators on a job site, the more visible a worker is, the less risk there is of a serious accident taking place.

3. High visibility clothing is an important component of work safety for many jobs: transportation or construction workers, road maintenance crews, tow truck drivers, railway workers, accident site inspectors, first responders, warehouse or factory workers – virtually any who work in proximity to vehicles or machinery that move under their own power.

4. High-visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities in busy environments

5. Where there is vehicular traffic – in construction areas, marshaling yards, and industrial premises. At locations such as these, high visibility workwear or PPE(personal protective equipment) is required by Health and Safety regulations.

6. In addition to employees, site visitors may be requested to wear brightly colored, reflective over jackets or waistcoats to maintain visibility and safety.

7. Hi-vis clothing or jackets are suggested for motorcycle couriers to help prevent accidents or life-threatening injuries.

8. In addition to the safety advantages which high visibility clothing provides, it can be used to good effect at a corporate level to identify staff and authorised personnel in any given location – particularly where access is controlled or restricted for safety or security reasons.

9. This uniformity of appearance makes it easier for approaching visitors to identify company employees at goods inwards or security gates.

10. It also fosters a team spirit in employees and increases awareness of a company’s presence by promoting a visible corporate identity.