Instruction for Use

INLIGHT reflective safety vests are EN ISO 20471:2013 & IS 15809:2017 certified. Special care and instructions are to be followed for their proper usages which are as under,
The reflective vest should be worn with its velcro or zip-tied up.
The best-fitted vest is to be worn in respect of size. Loosely fitted vests can be harmful.
When not in use, it should be hanged properly.
If the stitching of the vest is worn out due to wear and tear, it should be replaced with a new one immediately.
At any point in time, if the coefficient of retro-reflective material is less than 300 cd per lux /m2, the reflective vest should be replaced.
Special wash care instructions are to be followed which are as under,
6.1. Zip the garment and turn it inside out, then machine wash or hand wash it separately.
6.2. Do not bleach the vest.
6.3. Do not dry clean the vest for long life.
6.4. Tumble dry with low speed or dry in shade preferably.
6.5. Low heat set iron only.
Misuses of reflective vests can life-threatening. Correct class and type of reflective vest should be used in accordance with the requirement.
There are working environments and conditions specified for use of reflective safety vests, limiting its use for concerned class and type.
Our reflective safety vests are best for use within 25 normal washing cycles.
These instructions will help you keep your reflective safety vest in working condition for a long time and will keep you safe.

Benefits of Jackets

1. High-visibility safety apparel can be defined as any garment that improves other’s ability to see them in any situation.

2. From cars on the highway to equipment operators on a job site, the more visible a worker is, the less risk there is of a serious accident taking place.

3. High visibility clothing is an important component of work safety for many jobs: transportation or construction workers, road maintenance crews, tow truck drivers, railway workers, accident site inspectors, first responders, warehouse or factory workers – virtually any who work in proximity to vehicles or machinery that move under their own power.

4. High-visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities in busy environments

5. Where there is vehicular traffic – in construction areas, marshaling yards, and industrial premises. At locations such as these, high visibility workwear or PPE(personal protective equipment) is required by Health and Safety regulations.

6. In addition to employees, site visitors may be requested to wear brightly colored, reflective over jackets or waistcoats to maintain visibility and safety.

7. Hi-vis clothing or jackets are suggested for motorcycle couriers to help prevent accidents or life-threatening injuries.

8. In addition to the safety advantages which high visibility clothing provides, it can be used to good effect at a corporate level to identify staff and authorised personnel in any given location – particularly where access is controlled or restricted for safety or security reasons.

9. This uniformity of appearance makes it easier for approaching visitors to identify company employees at goods inwards or security gates.

10. It also fosters a team spirit in employees and increases awareness of a company’s presence by promoting a visible corporate identity.

The unsurpassed reflective Jackets

What are hi vis jackets and their functions?

Hi-vis jackets are one of the essential safety gear, especially for the ones who work outside such as roads, construction sites. This safety gear is also important for a cab, tractor and truck drivers to avoid any kind of mishappening while driving or in any case, something happened then to get detected by volunteers easily.

You must have seen workers and drivers wearing safety jackets while working at construction sites, roads, and also while driving. Government authorities imply to wear these jackets to be visible while working on dangerous sites. reflective jackets can be very helpful for cyclers as drivers may encounter any kind of danger led by impatient activities or distraction. At such moments, cyclers or drivers get swerve out or inside the lanes, end up hitting to the rocks or bushes. Heavy equipment operators usually have inadequate visibility because of which people may not be able to find you at accident sight.

If you have worn fluorescent jackets, it will be easy for people and volunteers to find you and help you efficiently. Apart from such amazing benefits, reflective jackets have numerous advantages that are enough to convince anyone of its importance.

To enhance the awareness of Jacket models, Engineering firms should hold safety programs and workshops for workers. These programs will not only create an awareness of reflective jackets among workers but also ensures that are every worker working at the sites has relevant knowledge and skills. When they attend the workshops, they will get to know the essentiality of Hi-vis jackets, which will apparently make them educated about their own safety.

What is the best way to be seen at the worksites?

One of the best ways to be seen at the worksites is to wear bright colors fluorescent jackets. Science has proved it that our eyes are not much acquainted with bright colors such as neon yellow, orange and green that makes them perfect colors for the construction site safety gears. You can add some extra reflecting striping to these safety jackets in order to make them seen in poor or dim lighting.

Why Reflective Jacket models are gaining popularity?

To help in increasing awareness and safety, reflective jackets has introduced by the construction site safety authorities. This safety gear serves as the first line of defense for the workers who work at roads and construction sites along with drivers and cyclers. Any construction firm, engineers, cyclers, and drivers can easily avail of these visible apparels from so many websites that offer good quality and highly-maintained life of reflective jackets.

By wearing these highly-visible jackets, engineers and other workers avoid injuries and also from colliding with moving vehicles. With fluorescent jackets, engineers could possibly get into an accident at the construction site in day and night time. More bad thing happens when they don’t get noticed by the other workers and volunteers after the accident as they would not be easily visible to them. Reflective jackets can be the real savior of workers who work day and night for public facilities.

Note: If you are an engineering firm, it is your responsibility to educate your workers whether per day or contract-based, about the importance of wearing Hi-vis jackets while working at construction sites to avoid danger.

What types of hi-vis wear are available in the market?

You can easily buy his vis jackets from any online safety jacket stores or manufacturers that offer you good quality at good rates. You can also customize your firm’s reflective jackets for promotion and creating brand awareness along with the safety of your engineers and workers.

Here are some hi-vis Jacket models available in the market:

1. Bomber jackets

This type of safety jacket is also known as a heavy-duty hi-vis jacket that is ideal for punitive weather conditions, such as snow-storms and hurricanes. It has multiple outside and inside pockets, with a fleece-lined structure. You can also find them in storm-flaps and quilted hoods or even plain across the front zip.

2. Sleeveless vest

This type of hi-vis jacket is easy and quick to wear, with easy Velcro fastening. Sleeveless vest jackets are made up of polyester which is why suitable for any weather conditions and can also be worn as normal clothing while working casually at the sites. Such jackets are opted by engineers and workers who work at road and construction sites to be visible and avoid accidents.

The covered aids of Reflective safety jacket

It is quite obvious that the professionals in variant industries who basically work on the streets or roads wear reflective safety jacket. It is mostly compulsory for them as they are more prone to expose to construction equipment’s, traffic and sometimes even more dangerous sites. These safety jackets are made to ensure the safety guidelines in order to secure the professionals while working on busy roads and sites.

Conceivably, the most broadly used Reflective safety vest, and PPE gear is a compulsory part as a uniform in various construction industries. For example, most important industries that are dealing with warehouse, engineering works and storage solutions are made it is essential for everyone, from professionals to the per day workers to wear safety jackets.

Also, as per the standards of current lifestyle, it is kind of important for children who are crossing roads or just going out on excursions also required to wear such safety jackets to make sure safety as well as effortlessly visible. This is also applied to the people who love to play on locations near water or rocks.

As per the construction industries standards, 3M safety jacket is an essential party of the standard uniform for highway patrol officers and traffic enforcers. Even, as we told you earlier, it is also important for mountain hikers, motorists and bikers.

Whether we talk about Reflective LED safety vest or an ordinary standard issue, it is an important portion of PPE (Personal protective equipment). This is known to be one of the most important gears as it keeps the person observable to other people, specifically while working on dangerous sites and roads. Without having reflection that radiates at night and visible colour at daytime, professionals are more prone to meet accidents.

Here, in this blog, we will be discussing the covered aids of reflective safety jackets that could be really beneficial for you, especially if you don’t have knowledge about them. To know more, keep reading.

1. Beneficial for the professionals/Employers

It is beneficial for professionals/employers to wear 3M safety jacket but along with them, it is also beneficial for the industry, especially for their reputation in the market. Think about it, what if one of your professional by any chance meet an accident on the site? This would not only harm the employee but also to the reputation of your company. After the incident, people will be in doubt that whether they work for you or not.

Every professional wearing safety jacket while working simply means that they are less likely to meet any kind of accident. Safety jackets will lead your company to zero legal obligations on working site accidents. No accidents or injuries directly means more productive employees.

If you are in charge of creating a safer environment at the working site then safety jackets should be on your list. Also, this is simple, means working in a hazardous and unsafe environment does not mean to be dangerous. You can make it safe with the help of safety jackets for your employees and for you also.

2. Safety vests mean easy identification of the employees and also marketing.

Safety jackets are meant to keep you visible while working at the dangerous sites and busy roads with the help of optimal lighting but it also meant for marketing. At what extent you can think about a safety vest? Yes! it can be used for the marketing of your company. At the moment of disaster, emergency workers could effortlessly be pragmatic with the marking on the jacket. Also, while crossing or passing by the roads, you can easily identify a motorist, traffic enforcer or even a biker who are wearing safety jacket.

But that is not all, your very own reflecting jacket can also be very helpful in the marketing of your company. It can assist you to easily be observed by the viewers on the road and they will remember the name of your company. Of course, people are more tend to learn fast what they see daily. Think about those people who travel through roads day and night. They will remember you as your workers have your company’s name on their jackets.

Reflecting safety jackets are not only be helpful in saving hundreds of lives on the workings sites and roads but also could be one of the best marketing tactics. You should consider it wearing while working on roads, sites and even on activities like hiking and biking.

Why we use reflective clothing?

Reflective clothing or you can say that high visibility clothing is the way to protect themselves riding on the road is any worn it has highly reflective properties or a color that is easily discernible from any background. Reflective clothing can significantly reduce accidents it is the overall safety of the worker in the working place its type of personal protective equipment (PPE
The main purpose of reflecting clothing gives the user a signal of higher risk accident in any way wherein a busy place. Reflective clothing, like neon apparel, is supposed to attract the attention of the driver so they take note of the worker activities. its widely uses for the worker, construction worker, they are tradesperson, labor or professional employed in the physical construction area safety jacket or safety vest always protect them against to accident. the traffic security man, they are always busy in public places in directional signals for user airport security, railway construction worker, use in fog, heavy rain, cyclists. Reflective clothing is the identification of worker utility.
STAR SAFETY HUB (IN LIGHT) is the pioneer in manufacturing of high visibility safety clothing in India.

INLIGHT is India’s leading manufacturing brand of reflective safety jackets. We proudly present ourselves as the first applicant to be granted ISI certification as per IS:15809:2017 standard across the country. Our brand also conforms to EN:ISO20471:2013 quality standard. We have been serving since 1988 and have created a tremendous reputation in the market. We are authorized dealer of 3M Scotchlite tape in India.

The forte of the company is the customization and designing of jackets as per the client’s needs. Our salient point is that we have all types of materials, tapes, logos, zip, collar and everything related to the fabrication of jackets. To maintain the secrecy of the client’s details, all the logos are printed in-house. We are well equipped with all the various techniques used for logo printing such as Screen printing, Heat transfer printing, and digital printing.

We are dealing with private as well as government organizations through GEM. The quality of our raw material and craftsmanship are unmatched in this industry.

“IN LIGHT” our brand has been an established and popular name in the world of reflective workwear. Our track record in terms of service and quality has been excellent throughout.
We have well-qualified staff, which enable us to deliver even the quality of products, thus ensuring the same quality every time to our clients. The main motto of our company is customer satisfaction,
which we attain through customized products as per the client’s requirement at very competent prices. We are currently associated with our selective dealer network and end-users on pan India basis.
We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.

LED safety jacket

LED Reflective Jacket is 3 sides open/multi-opening which is made of 100% polyester mesh LED safety jacket|LED safety vest|type fabric only with high-quality reflective tape with 16 LEDs makes is very bright for people working at night. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED’s Reflective Safety Jackets and our product made of good quality. It is used as Executive Class. It is suitable for a work area with high-risk factors, like Engineers, High-rank officers, Airport Staffs, Ports, etc, Warehouses, etc. Our LED reflective jacket is fully waterproof and works with 2 Pencil Cell Type (Leak Proof) Battery who gives 160 hours non stop the backup.

Reflective jacket one among the goods that we’ve huge achievement with is our led hi-vis safety vest which is used in the high-risk accident area like under-construction work at night and it is also used in heavy fog for cyclist we’ve had orders from a number of neighborhood authorities for the led safety vest in order to keep their workers safe when running on roads and motorways at night. Visibility from distance is obviously a key feature for both cyclists and outdoor workers. Our LED Hi-Vis safety vest is visible from up to 800 meters on a clear night. Mounting LEDs, our qualified team can design any desired pattern and install it into/over the fabric and polyester net. you can easily wear it any time anywhere Flexible LED meshes are specially developed not to hinder body motions and withstand steady stretching and bending.