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EN ISO 20471:2013
IS 15809:2017

Specification of Certified Jackets:

Background Material • 120, 150 & 180 GSM (100% Polyester)
• 210 GSM (65 % Polyester + 35 % Cotton)
Retroreflective Material • 3M – 2925
• 3M – 8906
• 3M – 9910
• 3M – 6260
• IL – 25
• IL – 50
Retroreflective Pattern • (2 Vertical + 2 Horizontal)
• (2 Horizontal)
• (2 Vertical + 1 Horizontal)

Identify your correct / appropriate Class of High Visibility Reflective Safety Workwear

Class 1

Conspicuity levels for use in occupational activities which,

  • a) permit full and undivided attention to approaching traffic
  • b) Provide ample separation of workers from conflicting vehicle traffic
  • c) Permit optimum conspicuity in background that are not complex, and
  • d) Involve vehicle and moving equipment speeds not exceeding 40 Km/h
  • i) Workers retrieving shopping cart form parking areas
  • ii) Roadside maintenance workers
  • iii) Worker who direct vehicle operators to parking/ service locations
  • iv) Worker exposed to the hazard of warehouse equipment traffic
  • v) Workers engaged in roadside / side walk maintenance
  • vi) Delivery vehicle drivers
Class 2

Conspicuity levels for use in occupational activities where risk levels exceed those in Class 1, such as where:

  • a) Greater visibility is desired during inclement weather conditions
  • b) Complex backgrounds are present
  • c) Workers are performing tasks which divert attention from approaching vehicle traffic
  • d) Vehicle of moving equipment speeds exceed 40 Km/h, and
  • e) Work activities take place in or in near proximity to vehicle traffic
  • i) Railway worker al low risk areas
  • ii) Toll gate personnel
  • iii) Airport baggage handlers & ground crew
  • iv) Roadway construction workers in urban or high traffic suburban areas
  • v) Utility workers
  • vi) Survey crew
  • vii) School crossing guards
  • viii) High-volume parking personnel
  • ix) Emergency response personnel
  • x) Law enforce (especially those directing traffic or conducting traffic accident site investigations)
Class 3

Conspicuity level for use in occupational activities where risk level exceeds those in Class 2, such as where:

  • a) Workers are exposed to traffic speeds exceeding 80 Km/h
  • b) Pedestrian workers and vehicle operator have high task loads, clearly placing the pedestrian workers
    in danger
  • c) The workers must be conspicuous through the full range of body motion at a minimum of 390m (1280 feet), and must be identifiable as a person
  • i) Roadway construction workers
  • ii) Railways workers at high risk areas (working on track such as gang man, track machine staff, night
    petrol man, gate keepers, etc.)
  • iii) Utility workers
  • iv) Survey crew
  • v) Emergency response personnel
  • vi) Accident site investigation

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